Solutions Overview

Excelion is a software focused company providing the revolutionary Real-Time Hospital Measurement System™ for the healthcare industry. The combination of Excelion's Accreditrack™ software suite, sensing systems, and process improvement expertise enables the automated measurement of hospital performance. Excelion is able to provide continuous visibility into key hospital processes like hand hygiene compliance, HAI management, clinical bedside time, and pressure ulcer prevention.

Excelion combines three powerful tools to create the Real-Time Hospital Measurement System™

Accreditrack™ Software

Excelion offers the proprietary Accreditrack™ software suite, developed specifically for the hospital environment. Accreditrack™ acts as a hospital’s “air traffic control system”, monitoring compliance and providing unparalleled visibility into the performance of key hospital processes.

Sensing System

Excelion customizes and installs Sensing Systems to collect real-time performance data which is sent wirelessly to the Accreditrack™ software suite.

Process Consulting

Excelion implements Lean healthcare consulting to define processes and improve outcomes.

The Real-Time Hospital Measurement System™ is designed to grow with the needs of Excelion’s customers. Through its modular design, Accreditrack™ can scale to provide solutions and cost control for a variety of accreditation key performance indicators.