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Define + Measure + Optimize = RTHMS™
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Excelion Hand Hygiene Video

Real-Time Hand Hygiene compliance by Excelion

Hand Hygiene Compliance practice is the single most effective way to reduce hospital acquired infections (HAI) – one of the leading causes of preventable deaths globally. Excelion’s RFID technology-based system is a comprehensive and efficient way to monitor compliance automatically.

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How does the solution work?

What are Hospital Acquired Infections?

HAI stands for Hospital Acquired Infection, Healthcare Associated Infection or Nosocomial Infection. Simply put, an HAI is an infection that a patient acquires while receiving medical treatment at a healthcare facility.

  • • 4th leading cause of death in North America
  • • HAIs Kill more people than car accidents, AIDS and breast cancer combined
  • • 2 million HAIs per year in North America; 99,000 deaths
  • • 7% -10% of all U.S. patients contract an HAI while in hospital
  • • Patients 5x more likely to die in Hospital due to HAI
  • • Billions of dollars in added healthcare costs

Excelion can help cut infection rates in half.

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