Excelion is the first to provide a Real-Time Hospital Measurement System™ to track hand hygiene compliance and infections back to the source. Excelion offers its proprietary and highly scalable Accreditrack™ software suite, which acts as a hospital's air-traffic-control, to provide unparalleled visibility and feedback on compliance. Excelion feeds real-time data to Accreditrack™ via RFID/IR tags worn by caregivers and placed on soap/gel dispensers.

Accreditrack™ software was purposefully designed for the healthcare industry to capture and analyze key metrics required for compliance

Visual Feedback – To provide actionable data, Accreditrack™ delivers information through a visual management system configured to the requirements of healthcare practitioners. Administrators, doctors, nurses and other staff can login to Accreditrack™ using the hospital’s existing networked computers and mobile devices.

Customized reports with varying levels of data granularity and reporting frequency are provided as dashboards to the different staff members. Accreditrack™ can even be configured to send alerts when compliance events have been missed.

Accreditrack v3.0 Dashboard     Accreditrack v3.0 Hand Hygiene Widget     Accreditrack v3.0 Staff Accounts    

Sensing System – To monitor processes, a sensing system feeds real-time data to the Accreditrack software suite. The sensing system is primarily based on wireless technology such as RFID (radio frequency identifier), ultrasound and infrared. This sensing system is used to monitor/track processes involving patients, health practitioners and hospital assets. Accreditrack then coordinates the real-time data feeds to provide valuable compliance analysis, metrics, and real-time feedback to healthcare practitioners and providers.

Process Improvement – As part of a holistic RTHMS™ approach, Excelion uses the Accreditrack data to implement Lean and Six Sigma process improvement strategies within the hospital. Lean and Six Sigma process improvement are not new concepts, but they are relatively new to healthcare. Like the manufacturing industry, hospitals are extraordinarily complex organizations, with multiple interacting processes. Lean and Six Sigma principles hold the promise of reducing or eliminating wasteful activities, costs, and inefficiencies in healthcare, creating a system that provides high value to patients.