HAI Management

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates up to 70% of HAIs can be prevented by proper hand washing.

Many Hospitals think their compliance is 70%-90%. However, a study by the New England Journal of Medicine found less than 40% of Health Care Workers (HCWs) practice proper hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene compliance in hospitals through manual audits does not work!

Excelion provides real-time, constant tracking of compliance.

Infections can be tracked back to the source, preventing outbreaks!

Importance of Hand Hygiene Compliance – Hand hygiene is an important practice for healthcare providers and has a significant impact on reducing the spread of infections in hospitals. By monitoring hand hygiene practices, healthcare providers can help reduce Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

Measurement – Historically, measuring hand hygiene compliance in hospitals was a manual process consisting of periodic audits and studies which capture just a small portion of potential events, and with questionable accuracy. Excelion’s technology-based system is more comprehensive and efficient, providing a Real-Time Hospital Measurement System™ (RTHMS™) that enables staff and administrators to monitor performance and compliance automatically.

Real-time Compliance Measurement – Excelion’s system works by providing doctors, nurses, staff, patients and visitors with a small sensing tag worn with their ID badge or on a lanyward. These tags are waterproof, reusable and can be cleaned in alcohol. When the individual dispenses disinfectant gel or soap, a sensor on the dispenser communicates with the tag and relays the hand hygiene event wirelessly to Accreditrack™ where the event is recorded. If the individual enters or exits a patient room without washing their hands, the sensor tag can be set to provide an audible alert as a real-time reminder.